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Our Very Special Letter From Santa

The children have received a very special letter from Santa!!

Our Elf adventure starts here! Follow us on You tube for some ideas and to watch all of the fun!

Watch as we get invaded by Elves and see the children’s reactions.

The Tale of Christmas Elf Magic

The tale of Christmas Elf Magic My two little ones woke up on the 1st of December to what seemed like an ordinary day! Little did they know that things were going to become really fun and exciting! They popped their heads around the corner of the living room and...

Have You Heard of the Christmas Elves?

So have you heard?? Have you heard of the Magical Christmas Elves visiting children's houses all over the world? On the 1st of December Santa's Elves will start to magically appear in Children's houses. They have come to stay with the children until Christmas Eve, and...

The Elf Invasion

Look at their amazing reaction to the Elf invasion!

Timmy Twinkle Toes

Ben wants to introduce you to someone

The Elf Invasion

You will never have seen so many Elves in one place!!!

Our very special letter

Jessica tells you all about our very special letter from Santa