Have you seen the new Christmas 2019 Ty Beanie Boos yet?

Are you a Beanie Boo collector? Or is it just that you cannot resist them when you see them?  Well we are HUGE Ty Beanie Boo fans and we've just launched our new 2019 Ty Beanie range. The 2019 Christmas beanie range includes * Tegan the flippable reindeer * Stardust...

Ty 2019 Halloween Range

The 2019 Ty Halloween Range have just been released in the UK. This years range is surely the most spooktacular!  Meet the Beanies ........ Hyde Owl Ty Beanie Boos Silent flights onstarry nights But you won't see or hear me I swoop right down to the groun To snatch a...

Sea Sequin Ty Mermaids

Just Released - Brand New Sea Sequin Mermaids!  Who will be first to get their hands on one of these amazing Sea Sequins mermaids?  There's been a very long wait for these very special mermaids and they certainly are worth the very long wait! At the moment there's...

Woohoo Halloween Ty Beanies 2019

Check out the 2019 Halloween Ty Beanies

The Elf Invasion

Look at their amazing reaction to the Elf invasion!

Timmy Twinkle Toes

Ben wants to introduce you to someone

The Elf Invasion

You will never have seen so many Elves in one place!!!

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