NEW 2021 Easter Beanie Boos and Squish a Boos

The Easter Beanie Boos and Easter Squish a Boos are the first to be released by Ty in 2021 – and they are seriously cute!

This year Ty have only released 2 new Beanie Boos for Easter and 2 styles of Easter Squish a Boos (which are available in 2 sizes)


Easter Beanie Boos

Firstly, here’s the Beanie Boo:

Feathers Chick Beanie Boo is a beautiful pink chick which is super soft and fluffy (a bit like Lemon Drop from 2020) 

Birthday: 29th April 

Poem: Spring is in the air, I’m happy to say. The best and brightest days are on their way!

2021 Easter Beanie Boo range
Feathers Beanie Boo

Easter Beanie Boos

Fuzzy Bunny Beanie Boo is a purple bunny wearing the cutest bunny slippers.

Birthday: 4th March

Poem: I’ll wear my slippers and snuggle with you. Don’t you wish you had bunny slippers, too?


Fuzzy Bunny Easter Beanie Boo

Easter Squish a Boos

Now for the adorably squishy Easter Squish a Boos:

Bloomy Bunny Squish a Boo is a beautiful spotted bunny based on the beanie Bloomy. She has the cutest bunny ears I’ve ever seen. 

Squish a Boo Bloomy is available in either  14” or 10”

Birthday: 25th April

Poem: Hop with me on a colorful rainbow Then we’ll just sit there and watch all the flowers grow

Bloomy Squish a Boo
poppers squish a boo

Popper Chick Squish a Boo is a super cute yellow chick in his shell, he has an adorable orange tuft of hair on the top of his head.

Squish a Boo Popper is available in either  14” or 10”

Birthday: 6th May

Poem: It took me all day to crack out of my shell My feathers are a golden yellow pastel

When can we get our hands on them?

All the Easter Ty Beanie Boos  and Squish a Boos are due to arrive in the UK towards the end of February or early March 2021.  Although these dates are not confirmed. 

You can pre-order yours at The Magical Gift Boutique now here


easter beanie boos