New Shape Beanie Bellies – Cuteness Overload! 

Brand new shape Ty Beanies

The new release adorable Beanie Bellies are uniquely shaped and sit up in an attentive pose too. They are approx. 20cm tall. They’re just crying out to be cuddled, don’t you think? 

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Ty Beanie Bellies

Wilfred Dog Beanie Bellies

Birthday: 12th August

Poem: I may be tiny but I have a big heart. I can do tricks I’m really smart. I’ll sleep by your side when we’re in bed. Or up on your pillow right by your head.

Wilfred Dog Beanie Bellies 40596

Skylar Unicorn Beanie Bellies

Birthday: May 22nd

Poem: Pink unicorns love to play outside. They’re really good if they have to hide. We should play a game of hide-and-seek. But when you count you better not peek.

Skylar Unicorn Beanie Bellies 40547

Mitzi Tabby Cat Beanie Bellies

Birthday: 18th January

Poem: I have pink paw pads that let me creep. They help me silently jump and leap. If there’s a mouse running on the floor. It won’t be running there anymore.


Mitzi Tabby Cat Beanie Bellies 40539

Clawdia Tiger 

Birthday: 5th April

Poem: I like playing tic-tac-toe. It’s the only game I really know. I’ll be X and you be ), we can play out on the patio. 

Clawdia Tiger Beanie Bellies 40546

Ying Panda 

Birthday: 11th March

Poem: I love bamboo I will confess. It is the food I must possess. Here is what I recommend. Bring bamboo you’ll be my friend.

Ying Panda Beanie Bellies

Ace German Shepard Beanie Bellies

Birthday: 25th May

Poem: Let’s squish mud between our toes. But don’t get any on your clothes. We’ll follow the river along the shore. There are so many things we can explore.


Ace German Shepard Beanie Bellies 40544
New Beanie Bellies

Miso Siamese Cat Beanie Bellies

Birthday: 1st June

Poem: I’m a soft kitty as sweet as can be. Let’s take a nap, you can next to me. When we wake up| we’ll stretch and yawn. I’ll purr by your head to move you along.

Miso Siamese Cat Beanie Bellies

Duncan Bear Beanie Bellies

Birthday: 28th July

Poem: I used to try and juggle. But it was such a struggle. I don’t do it anymore. It all falls right on the floor. 

Duncan Bear - Beanie Bellies 40549

We can’t wait for these to arrive at The Magical Gift Boutique in February 2022

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10% off your first order here