2022 Valentines Beanie Boos

We’re in Love with the New 2022 Valentines Beanie Boos Range! 

It doesn’t get much cuter than these new 2022 Valentines Beanie Boos.

This years New 2022 Valentines Beanie Boos range is just adorable. Maybe the cutest yet! 

So who have we got in this years range? 

  • 3 Valentines Beanie Boos
  • 2 Valentines Squish a Boos (in 2 sizes)
  • 1 Valentines Puffie

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Let’s take a look at them in more detail, shall we….

2022 Valentines Beanie Boos
Valentine Beanie Boos

Hunk Beanie Boo

Firstly we have Hunk Beanie Boo. Hunk is an adorable pink and white husky with pink glitter eyes and a pink heart on the front.

Birthday – 6th February 

Poem – I’m tickled pink with fondness for you. It fills my heart like a big balloon!

Hunk is in stock and available to order here

Valentines Beanie Boo

Mai Cat Beanie Boo

How cute is Mai Cat Beanie Boo, with her pink glitter eyes and light pink fur. We love her bushy tail too. 

Birthday – 8th February 

Poem – Roses are red But I am bright pink. Can I be your Valentine? We would be perfect, I think!

Mai Cat Beanie Boo is due in on the 20th January and is available to pre-order here


Valentines Beanie Boo

Snookie Beanie Boo

With her light pink fur and white sparkly feet then Snookie just couldn’t get any cuter! 

Birthday – 15th February 

Poem – Bee’s love honey Flowers love dew. Unicorns love rainbows and Snookie loves you!

Snookie Unicorn Beanie Boo is due in on the 20th January and is available to pre-order here


Valentines Squish a Boo

Tickle Squish-a-Boo

Valentines Squish-a-Boo Tickle Dog  Squish a Boo is light pink with dark pink hearts cute floppy dark pink ears.

Stock is very limited in this design. It comes in both Medium 10” and Large 14”

Birthday: 28th February

Poem: Tickle is love sick. Just look at his spots. He grew hearts all over. He has the lovepox! 



valentines squish a boo

Scarlett Squish-a-Boo

Scarlett is a a super cute Cat Squish-a-Boo who is both light and dark pink.  

Birthday: 16th February 

Poem: A kitty made from pink hues. Is the perfect cuddle bug. Nothing is better for me. Than giving kisses and hugs!

 Scarlett is due in 7th February and can be pre-ordered here Medium 10” or Large 14”

Valentines Puffie

Tia Cat Puffie

The new Valentines Puffie Tia is an adorable cat with light pink fur and pink glitter eyes.

Birthday: 24th February 

Tia is in stock and can be ordered here – Although it is best to order soon as stock is very limited. 


We would love to know what you think of the New 2022 Valentines Beanie Boos – Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 


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