The cutest Valentines Beanies!

Love is in the air….

and so are the adorable 2024 Valentines Ty Beanies!

Get ready to be smitten by these cuddly companions that will steal your heart. At The Magical Gift Boutique, we bring you the most enchanting and irresistible collection of Ty products.

Join us as we explore the captivating world of

  • Bubbles Octopus Beanie Boo
  • Locky Axolotl Beanie Bellies
  • Rory Pink Dog Beanie Boo
  • Gigi Monkey Beanie Boos
  • Sprinkles Cow Beanie Bellies
  • Valarie Bear Beanie Bellies
  • Flirt Cat Squishy Beanie 10 & 14”
  • Beau Dog Squishy Beanie 10 & 14”

Trust us, these treasures are not to be missed!

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new 2021 puffies
new 2021 puffies

1. Bubbles Octopus Beanie Boo:

Dive into the depths of cuteness with Bubbles Octopus Beanie Boo! With its vibrant colors and adorable big eyes, Bubbles is ready to become your new underwater friend. This lovable octopus is perfect for cuddling and will bring a splash of joy to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

2. Locky Axolotl Beanie Bellies:

Fall head over heels for Locky Axolotl Beanie Bellies! This unique and rare creature is known for its charming smile and squishy belly. Locky is the perfect companion for those who appreciate the beauty of the underwater world. Don’t miss out on the chance to add this extraordinary Beanie Belly to your collection.

3. Rory Pink Dog Beanie Boo:

Love is a four-legged word, and Rory Pink Dog Beanie Boo is here to prove it! With its soft pink fur and heart-shaped nose, Rory is the epitome of puppy love. This adorable Beanie Boo will melt your heart and become your loyal companion. Get ready for endless snuggles and unconditional love.

4. Gigi Monkey Beanie Boos:

Monkey around with Gigi Monkey Beanie Boos! This mischievous little monkey is full of energy and ready to swing into your heart. Gigi’s playful nature and cute expression will bring a smile to your face. Don’t miss the chance to add this delightful Beanie Boo to your collection.

5. Sprinkles Cow Beanie Bellies:

Moo-ve over, ordinary plush toys, because Sprinkles Cow Beanie Bellies is here to steal the show! With its colorful spots and squishy belly, Sprinkles is the perfect cuddle buddy. This limited edition Beanie Belly is as rare as finding a four-leaf clover, so make sure to grab it before it’s gone!

6. Valarie Bear Beanie Bellies:

Hugs are better with Valarie Bear Beanie Bellies! This sweet and cuddly bear is ready to be your Valentine’s Day companion. With its soft fur and adorable bow, Valarie is the perfect gift for someone special. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring love and warmth into your life with this charming Beanie Belly.

7. Flirt Cat Squishy Beanie:

Get ready to be charmed by Flirt Cat Squishy Beanie! This irresistibly squishy cat is as soft as a cloud and will instantly win your heart. Flirt’s playful nature and cute expression make it the purr-fect addition to your collection. Get ready for endless hours of squishy fun!

8. Beau Dog Squishy Beanie:

Who let the cuteness out? It’s Beau Dog Squishy Beanie! This adorable dog is ready to wag its way into your heart. With its floppy ears and squishy body, Beau is the ultimate snuggle buddy. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring home this lovable companion.

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new 2021 puffies
new 2021 puffies
new 2021 puffies
Cherub Monkey II Original Beanie Babies
Cherub Monkey II Original Beanie Babies

Surprise Arrivals for Valentines Day

Introducing the brand new surprise arrivals for Valentines. We have Cherub Monkey II Beanie Baby and Scarlett Bear II Beanie Baby. 

Cherub Monkey is a pink monkey with a cute face and long tail, holding a red heart saying ‘I love you’.

Scarlett is a white bear with a red polka dot bow and a red heart saying ‘Love you’.

Both are beanies brought out to celebrate Ty’s 30th Anniversary. 


You can find them both here


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