Muddles Dog Beanie Boo 

Muddles Dog Beanie Boo is new to the 2021 range.

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  • Muddles Dog Beanie Boo
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Birthday: 22nd July

Poem: Nothing like playing in muddy puddles, must be why everyone calls me `Muddles!

Size: Regular 15.5 cm

Range:  Beanie Boos

Ty Code: 36249

Beanie Boo Sizes – Regular (15.5 cm), Medium (23 cm), Large (40 cm), Extra Large (70 cm).

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We started selling Ty Beanie Boos back in 2018 when we fell in love with the quality, amazing designs and fun poems. We love that they are collectable and so much fun.

There are hundred of Ty Beanies to collect and lots of ranges too.

Here’s some Ty Beanie history for you:

Ty is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Ty was founded by Ty Warner in 1986 and is the largest manufacturer of stuffed plush toys in the world which designs, develops and sells products exclusively to specialty markets worldwide. The Ty headquarters is in Westmont, Illinois, United States. The Ty Beanie toys come in many different forms with most being animals, because who doesn’t love animals.



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