So have you heard??

Have you heard of the Magical Christmas Elves visiting children’s houses all over the world?
On the 1st of December Santa’s Elves will start to magically appear in Children’s houses. They have come to stay with the children until Christmas Eve, and their Elf mission is to monitor the children’s behaviour and report back to Santa every night….

How else would Santa know whether to put them on the Naughty or Nice list!

I wish I could bottle the excitement that comes when the children see that the elves have returned! They feel so special and honoured that the Elf has chosen to stay with them ?
But BEWARE at night when the children are sleeping, the elves have been known to get up to mischief. The children could find them just about anywhere in the morning. They may have been cooking, eating all the sweets or maybe they’ve made friends with all the other toys and they’ve had a big messy party!

The Children love hunting for the Elves in the morning and seeing what they’ve been up to! Sometimes the Elves leave little notes for them to tell them if they’re being well behaved – or not! They also leave Elf Report Cards to report report back on their progress. There’s even Elf Reward Charts, Santa letters, Cookie recipes, crafts and colouring in too.

Every day in December will be filled full of fun and excitement, and it’s amazing how well behaved children can be with the Elves about!

If you want to create fun and magical memories for your children throughout December then go ahead and start this Elf tradition this Christmas, whilst they are still young and believe in the magic of Christmas

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