It's cuteness overload with this years Ty Easter Beanies

Seriously! Have you ever seen such cute bunnies before? Ty have really outdone themselves this year…

Ok! Now who should we show you first?


Nothing quite says Easter like a cute yellow Chick!

Meet Lemon Drop Beanie Boo

Introducing the new Easter 2020 Beanie Boos and Flippables ......

The NEW 2020 Easter Ty Beanies include:

  • Slippers the Rabbit Beanie Boo  #slippersbeanie
  • Raindrop Bunny Flippable Beanie #raindropbeanie
  • Lemon Drop Chick Beanie Boo #lemondropbeanie
  • Sherbet Bunny Beanie Boo #sherbetbeanie
  • Buster Bunny Beanie Boo #busterbeanie
  • Riley Bunny Beanie Boo #rileybeanie
  • Slippers Slippers (Bunny Slippers) sequin or soft version #slippersbeanie


We’d love to know which one on these Easter Beanie Boos is your favourite? How ever will you decide?……

You can find all of our amazing Easter range here 

Thank you for reading. I’ll be back soon to introduce the new release beanies for 2020. Follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out. 

Lynn xx

The Fairy Gift Mother

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