Just Released – Brand New Sea Sequin Mermaids! 

Who will be first to get their hands on one of these amazing Sea Sequins mermaids? 

There’s been a very long wait for these very special mermaids and they certainly are worth the very long wait!

At the moment there’s three different styles released in the U.K. We have Sea Sequin ‘Indigo’ (blue) which will hit down with us today (30th July 2019), whilst Sea Sequins ‘Cora’ (pink) and ‘Lorelei’ (purple) will be delivered around the 12th August 2019 and are available to pre order now. 

We may have also had a sneak peek at two new mermaids coming soon, one is brown and the other is a lovely emerald green – more details coming soon.

There’s a long list of costomer who have pre-ordered and we’re very excited to be able to send out some orders this week. We’re sure to have some happy little ones this week. 

If you have Mermaid loving little ones then the Sea Sequin Ty Mermaids are sure to be a huge hit with them! With their pretty long hair and stunning colour changing sequin, topped off with a tiaraSeriously what’s not to love? ……..