NEW Ty Puffies – The New Collectables Ty Puffies are out in early 2020!

But what are these new Puffies? 

NEW Ty Puffies are a brand new collection from Ty Inc.  They are super cute plush puff balls, (try saying that out loud fast)! They measure around 4 inches and are weighted so that they always land on their feet – another fantastic and well thought out design by Ty Inc.    They come in 9 different styles, each of which are fabulously designed. Whether you are a serious Ty Collector or you love to buy Ty Beanies for gifts then you’ll just LOVE this new collection. 


 We have: 

  • Harmonie (Unicorn)
  • Tabitha (Cat)
  • Fantasia (Unicorn)
  • Waddles (Penguin)
  • Coconut (Monkey)
  • Prince (Husky)
  • Colby (Mouse)
  • Rainbow (Poodle)
  • Owen (Owl)


NEW Ty Puffies

The new Ty Puffies are seriously cute, incredibly soft and the designs are super fun – but not only that the price point is much lower than the TY Beanie Boos and Ty Flippables!

The Ty Puffies are due in to The Magical Gift Boutique at the end of Feb – early Mar 2020. You can PRE-ORDER here today.   You can buy the Puffies individually or you could go all in and get the set of 9 Ty Puffies. 

For a short time only you can get 10% off your order here! Now how good is that, you’ve learnt all about the new Ty Puffies and you even get them cheaper! Yay.  

Bye for now

Lynn (a.k.a. The Fairy Gift Mother)