This years Ty Beanies are surely the best yet!

Are you a Beanie Boo collector? Or is it just that you cannot resist them when you see them?

 Well we are HUGE Ty Beanie Boo fans and we’ve just launched our new 2019 Ty Beanie range.

The 2019 Christmas beanie range includes

* Tegan the flippable reindeer

* Stardust the white flippable unicorn

* Melty Flippable snowman

* Gale penguin Beanie Boo

* Sugar dog Beanie Boo

* Flurry snowman Beanie Boo

* Fudge reindeer Beanie Boo

The only problem you’ll have is knowing which one to choose!

Christmas 2019 Beanie Boos Range....

Christmas 2019 Flippable Range ......