The NEW 2020 Beanies are Seriousy Cute!!

Brand NEW Release 2020 Ty Beanies – You just won’t believe your eyes!

Ty have seriously upped their game with the NEW 2020 Beanie designs, don’t you think? 

There’s a fantastic range of animals this year – we have  Cats, a German Shepard, Husky, Poodle, Pandas, Flamingos, a Giraffe, Fox, Lemur, Deer, Chicks, Bunnies, Unicorns, an Owl, Leopard and Llama – wow what an amazing range.

All the Ty Beanies and Flippables are due to arrive with us at the end of February / beginning of March 2020.

They are available to pre-order right now here

* Orders will be sent out in priority order of purchase dates.

Ty Beanie Boos

Wow! There’s so many to choose from – Here’s the brand new 2020 Beanie Boos

  • Asher Cat Beanie Boo
  • Phoenix Fox Beanie Boo
  • Paris Panda Beanie Boo
  • Reagan Cat Beanie Boo
  • Spirit German Shepard Beanie Boo
  • Prince Husky Beanie Boo
  • Lainey Leopard Beanie Boo
  • Austin Owl Beanie Boo
  • Gunball Unicorn Beanie Boo
  • Linus Lemur Beanie Boo
  • Benedict Chick Beanie Boo
  • Franny Flamingo Beanie Boo
  • Gertie Giraffe Beanie Boo
  • Camilla Poodle Beanie Boo
  • Slippers Rabbit Beanie Boo
  • Lemon Drop Chick Beanie Boo
  • Dainty Flamingo Beanie Boo
  • Darling Unicorn Beanie Boo

You can see them all here 

Ty Flippables 

Here’s the new 2020 Ty Flippable range, I think Lola the Llama is my definate favourite – who’s yours? 


  • Lola Llama Flippable Beanie
  • Confetti Cat Flippable Beanie
  • Bamboo Panda Flippable Beanie
  • Cosmo Unicorn Flippable Beanie
  • Fantasia Unicorn
  • Raindrop Bunny Flippable Beanie
  • Cupid Cat Flippable Beanie

See them all here 

Ty Beanie Babies

There’s also four brand new Beanie Babies too……


  • Buckley Deer Beanie Babies
  • Sherbet Beanie Babies
  • Buster Bunny Beanie Babies
  • Ryley Bunny Beanie Babies

See the new 2020 Beanie Babies all here 

We’ve also managed to get hold of Kookoo Koala and Whopper Elephant Beanie Babies!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of the NEW Ty Beanies, Flippables and Beanie Babies – f you want to keep up to date with the next Ty Beanie relases then you can follow us on social media or you can sign up for updates here. 

You can shop all the NEW Beanies here

Look out for the brand NEW Ty Puffies coming soon as well as the NEW Ty Disey Princesses.……

Lynn xx

(a.k.a. Fairy Gift Mother)