New Release 2021 Beanie Boos!

Are they the cutest yet?

We are super excited to see the amazing new 2021 Ty Beanie Boo and Puffies on the Ty Calendar

It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for any new Beanie Boos to arrive, but it looks like these are definitely worth the wait!

According to the Ty calendar we’ll receive the following fabulous Beanie Boo designs in 2021, they’ll come in regular and medium beanie sizes and as clips too. 

So who do we have coming this year?

  • Fiona Pink Cat – 1st February
  • Livvie Leopard – 8th August
  • Muddles Dog – 22nd July
  • Cassidy Lavender Cat – 11th August
  • Nina Mouse Ballerina – 22nd September
  • Atlas Fox – 7th July

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new 2021 puffies

2021 Puffies

Here are the super cute puffies due in 2021:

  • Mandarin Dog Puffie – 2nd January
  • Gizmo Cat Puffie – 6th October
  • Cleo Husky Puffie – 25th November
  • Tabor Tiger Puffie – 6th November
  • Princess Husky Puffie – 6th December
  • Dotty Leopard Puffie – 16th June

When can we get our hands on them?

We don’t know a release date for any of these 2021 Beanie Boos or 2021 Puffies yet. But if you want to be first to find out then just click here – you’ll also get 10% off your first order too.

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